School Fees

Our commitment to our school families is to offer a high quality Catholic education that is accessible and affordable.

The full fee for one student (including all tuition and charges for 2021) is $3155.00 and the lower income fee is $1893.00

Extra-curricular activities, competitive sports, peripatetic lessons, camps/aquatics and water safety lessons are excluded and will be charged separately.

To be eligible for the lower income fee, you need to qualify as a low income family. This is determined by your family's gross income and is a $ value set by the State Government.  In 2021 your family's annual gross income needs to be below $60,867 for a family with one school-age child (the limit will vary depending on how many dependent children you have).  

Proof of income is required and applicants will need to apply via the State Government's School Card scheme. Application forms for the School Card Scheme are available from our Finance Manager.

A discount is offered for siblings - 

Full Fee 

Number of Children Fee
1st Child $3155
2nd Child $5675
3rd Child $7795
4th Child $8720

Lower Income Fee 

Number of Children Fee
1st Child $1893
2nd Child $3407
3rd Child $4677
4th Child $5232

Payment Methods

If paying your yearly account in full, by the due date of Friday, 26th February 2021, a 5% discount will be given on the Tuition Fee portion.  The discount amount is - $100 for a 1 child family, $180 for a 2 child family, $240 for a 3 child family.  

Payments may be made in full or by an approved payment plan. If needed, we encourage all families to set up weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debit payments and options include:
  • Direct Debit – deductions from your bank account (forms available from the office)
  • BPay – reference numbers are printed on invoices and statements
  • Credit Card – Visa or Mastercard (forms available from the office)
  • Centrepay – a deduction from Centrelink payments (forms available from the office)
  • Cash, Cheque or EFTPOS