Our School Uniform

The new School Uniform

General Information

  • A three year phase out/phase in period applies from 2020 to 2022 and during this transition period:
    • students must wear their current sport uniform or the new active wear uniform on their class’ nominated days for sport
    • on other days any full current or new uniform may be worn
  • There will be a new jacket, ‘boss’ top, long sleeve polo top and track suit pant available for Term 2
  • The new uniform may be worn from 2020
  • The current (phased out) uniform cannot be worn after 2022

Purchasing the new items

  • Priority access to the new uniform pieces will be given to families who commence in 2020
  • The Uniform Shop will have limited stock of the new summer items, in all sizes, from 22nd January
  • From Term 2 the full uniform may be purchased online or in person at JS Express located on Newton Road. Online orders will be delivered to the school once a week and distributed to families via the eldest child.  The delivery day will be advised once known.
  • The school will continue to stock hats which maybe purchased from Reception. Smocks, school bags and reader bags may be ordered at school.

Your patience and understanding during this early transition period is appreciated.

Year 6 Senior Uniform

  • Our Year 6 students may continue to wear the current uniform until the three new items ordered for them are available and have been paid for.

Students commencing in 2020

  • Two polo shirts and two sports shorts have been pre-ordered for new Reception students and will be available from the Uniform Shop on 22nd January
  • As there may be limited availability of items in other sizes we recommend that families of new students in Years 1-5 purchase the current sports uniform (which may be worn for three years) and then purchase the new uniform as supplies arrive.

The school believes that it is important to be in tidy appearance.  The correct uniform should be worn.  Jewellery is limited to watches, earrings which are small sleepers or students and chains with religious medals.  Make-up is not allowed.  Hair should be tidy and away from the face.  Shoulder length or longer hair should be tied back.

A full schedule of the new uniform items will be published as soon as available.  Please see the link for the Price List and Order Form of the currently available items.  The Uniform Shop's days of trading for Term 1 are-  Mondays 8:30am-10:00am and Wednesdays from 2:30-4:00pm.