Our School Uniform


The school believes that it is important to be in tidy appearance.  The correct uniform should be worn.  

in 2020 St Pius X School introduced an active wear uniform, phased in over a period of 3 years.  The school is committed to all children being able to be fully active, both boys and girls enjoying sport and play.  

Schedule of Items

  • Polo Shirt (long or short sleeve) – with school crest
  • Shorts - with embroidered school name
  • Skort – with embroidered school name
  • Rugby top - with school crest
  • Boss top – with school crest
  • Soft-shell jacket – with school crest
  • Track-pants - with embroidered school name
  • Socks - white sports socks – must be visible above the shoe
  • Sport shoes - must be predominantly white
  • School hat with school crest

Uniform items are available from JS Sports, 10 Newton Road, Campbelltown and online from their website

A |10 Newton Rd Campbelltown

M | 0451 725 600

To book your appointment or access the online store:


*Due to COVID-19 parents are asked to please visit the shop’s website for details on purchasing in person or booking an appointment for a fitting.  

The school hat is also available for purchase from the School Office.


The only jewellery permitted is:

  • Wrist watch
  • Earrings which are small sleepers or studs (one only in the ear lobe)
  • One chain with Religious symbol, to be worn under clothing.

No Other Jewellery Allowed

Sun Hat

The school hat is to be worn at for all outdoor activities in Terms 1 and 4.  This includes matches and training for school sporting teams.  From May to August care should still be taken if planning to be outside for an extended period of time on a clear sunny day (eg a sports day/outdoor excursion).   

School Bags

Monogrammed school back-packs, which are fully ergonomic and recommended by the Chiropractors Association, are available but not compulsory.

A school bag designed for Reception students and a ‘reader bag’ are also available.


Students are expected to show pride in themselves and their school by paying attention to their personal appearance.  Clothing is to be clean and in a good state of repair.  Make-up and nail polish are not permitted. 


Hairstyle is also a part of the school uniform.  Shoulder length hair or longer is to be tied back.

  • Hair is to be tidy and away from the face
  • Natural colour only is permitted
  • Extreme hairstyles are not permitted
  • No glitter gel
  • No hair wraps 

Should a student be unable to wear the designated uniform due to extenuating circumstances a note from the parent/caregiver must be presented to the student’s class teacher outlining the circumstances and a date when the problem will be rectified

The school's Uniform Policy is available at this link - School_Uniform.pdf