Developing Faith

Our school has a vibrant partnership with our Parish community of St Pius X Catholic Church at Dernancourt.

We offer a comprehensive Sacrament program that operates in conjunction with the Parish.

Our students attend the weekday Mass in the Parish and families in the school community are encouraged to join the Eucharistic community at a weekend Family Mass. Our school also actively supports Parish community outreach and social justice programs through the Dernancourt Conference of St Vincent De Paul and the Missionary Association of Mary Immaculate. Our Religious Education program takes students on a journey where they will grow in love for God. We aim to increase their knowledge, understanding and awareness of Church traditions, beliefs, rituals and the Holy Trinity.

Prayer and Liturgical celebrations are a vibrant part of our faith education. They assist the children in developing a personal relationship with Jesus and to grow in appreciation of being members of a praying community. Students are exposed to and have the support and opportunity to grow in understanding of Church doctrine. We trust that our holistic approach enables students to develop a strong sense of social awareness and belief that all human beings are lovedbyGodand therefore are a vital member of the world community.


Parents are the first and foremost educators of their child’s faith development. Our Sacramental Program supports families in the ongoing catechesis of their child. During each school year students participate in Religion lessons that prepare them to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Eucharist. In accordance with the Adelaide Archdiocese Initiation Policy, children are able to receive Sacraments when ‘ready’, as deemed by their parents, Parish Priest and teachers. Currently at St Pius X School we formally present children for Reconciliation in Year 3 and Confirmation and First Eucharist in Year 4. As part ofthe

Dernancourt Parish we celebrate these occasions during Parish Masses and at various times throughout the school year.

Community Service

We teach our students to be good members of their community as well as good students. Our students are regularly involved in a variety of community service activities including leading prayer services and preparing social justice activities.