St Pius X has a proud history...

Our school was built on a foundation of dreams, determination and prayers. The words ‘Strength’ and ‘Kindness’ boldly adorn the foyer and these words encapture not only the vision of our founding Priests and Nuns but all of those who are part of our school community.

The story of St Pius X School is steeped in the tradition of the Brigidine Sisters which were founded in Ireland in 1807 for the purpose of providing a Catholic education to children. They were women of faith and hope, strong yet gentle in their love, in close union with Jesus Christ and in communion with all God’s people.

In the 1960s, Fr JP McCann OMI (Oblates of Mary Immaculate) approached the Brigidine Sisters to take charge of a primary school being built in Adelaide. On meeting Mother Pius, the Provincial of the Brigidine Order in Melbourne, it was with with great strength and kindness that she accepted this challenge.  A community of sisters moved to South Australia for the sole purpose of opening a Catholic primary school in Windsor Gardens and on March 4th, 1962 St Pius X Primary School was officially opened with 200 students from Kindergarten to Year Four.

The Brigidine Sisters and their ethos and values are deeply embedded in who we are and how we live and learn here at St Pius X. We are highly respected by our community as a school that deeply cares for all and a staff that has a passion for quality teaching and learning. At St Pius X we believe that we are just as much an educational centre for our teachers, staff and community as we are for our students.

Today as you enter the Brigidine Building the words ‘Strength and Kindness’ boldly adorn the foyer.  These words encapture not only the vision of our founding Priests and Nuns but all of those who are part of our school community.  The motto sets before us the virtues of strength and gentleness, so characteristic of St Brigid.  We maintain a close partnership with our Parish of St Pius X at Dernancourt. Through experiences such as weekday Mass, Family Masses and the Sacramental Programme, our students and families have the opportunity to share in Parish life. Our School embraces diversity, collaboration, justice, resilience, compassion, inclusion, and respectful relationships. 

Given the right opportunities, we believe every child can develop a love of learning. We believe that every child is loved by God. We believe that young minds can be stimulated in ways that make a lasting difference. And we believe that as a school we can work together so your child can achieve his/her personal best. Because we believe these things our mission is clear: it is  our job to be committed to creating successful learning opportunities and to be constantly evolving to meet the contemporary needs of our community. After 50+ years of education,  we’ve never been more committed to that mission than we are today.

We invite you to go to the MySchool website to look at the excellent outcomes that our school achieves.